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Who are Valley Vets Dental Services?

  • Dave Deane leads our Veterinary Dental Services 
  • With our dedicated dental suite and dental X-ray we are happy to see dental work from practices where the referring vet does not have this facility. 
  • Dave has done postgraduate training in endodontics with Accesia in Halmstad, Sweden.
  • He is happy to see 2nd opinion cases of discoloured and fractured canine teeth where endodontic, root canal treatment, may be an alternative to extraction of the tooth. 

We encourage a proactive approach to veterinary dentistry where dental problems are picked up and addressed sooner rather than later. We would advise annual health checks as a minimum and in many cases 6 month dental checks can identify issues before they worsen. 
Some times the dental treatment needed for your pet can be extensive and we appreciate the cost can be overwhelming. At Valley Vets we offer, and encourage a staged dental approach where extensive work can be done in several stages, always trying to work to an owners budget, yet ensuring high quality treatment. 


What we offer at Valley Dentistry

The first stage of any dental treatment would normally include:

  • Pre-anaesthetic health check. 
  • Pre-anaesthetic bloods on our more elderly patients (optional) 
  • Fluid therapy (optional)
  • General anaesthetic
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Full mouth scale and polish
  • Full mouth charting (assessment).
  • Dental X-rays where necessary.
  • Extractions where necessary during first stage procedure.
  • Some Surgical extractions may be done on the day or planned for a later date. 

We are also happy to see:

  • Surgical extractions in both dogs and cats. 
  • Cases of retained deciduous teeth where dental X-ray and a surgical extraction approach is preferred.
  • Extractions in feline patients where dental X-ray is crucial for decision making.